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Graveyard Headstone inscriptions - St Mogue's Island, Templeport Lake

St. Mogue’s Island, Templeport Lake
Gravestone Inscriptions

Incomplete List of Headstone Inscriptions compiled August 2010 by Richard Morgan.
Some of the headstone inscriptions on the island are illegible, some have disappeared below the ground surface. Many of the graves only have a stone with no marking and others do not even have a stone. We regret we cannot accept any responsibility for errors or omissions.

August 2nd 2010

REILLY: In loving memory of Bernard Reilly died 1950.
His wife Honoria died 1960.
Their daughter Katie died 1953.
Their son John died 1954 (Veteran W.W.II)
And Peter who died in infancy.

Erected by their loving son Edward whose children Ann and James also died in infancy.

In loving memory of their daughter Teresa died 02-12-2002 aged 85 years

And their daughter Bridget died 28-08-2007 aged 91 years.
(Interred Southampton, England)

DOLAN: In loving memory of Michael Dolan, Brackley, Bawnboy died 5th December 1923.
His wife Katherine died 21st Nov 1963.
Their son Michael died 27th March 1935.
Their daughter Mary died 17th Jan 1943.
Their son John died 25Th Dec 1966

TONER: In loving memory of Mary Toner (nee Brady) died 18th March 1954 aged 59 years.
Her husband Joseph Toner died 8th April 1982 aged 82 years
His wife Mary Kate Toner (nee McGovern) died 15th April 2003 aged 87 years.

PLUNKETT: In loving memory of the Plunkett Family, Meenaghan
Rest in Peace

WARD: In loving memory of James Ward, Kilsob, Bawnboy died 9th April 1956.
His wife Mary died 7th Feb 1984.
And all the deceased members of the Ward Family.

DEVINE: Erected by William Devine of Ardara in memory of his father Patrick Devine who departed this life March 28th 1861 aged 62 years.
Also in memory of his sister Ellen Devine who departed this life Dec 7th 1869 (?) aged 29 (?) years.

PLUNKETT: In loving memory of George Plunkett, Airmount formerly Gortnacargy died 23rd July 1957 aged 85 years.
His wife Elizabeth (nee Dolan) died 3rd Oct 1972 aged 73 years.
His parents George died 29th May 1877 aged 54 years.
Mary (nee McGovern) died 18th April 1928 aged 92 years.
His brother Patrick died 30th June 1936 aged 68 years.
His sister Margaret died 1st April 1941 aged 71 years.
And her husband Tom Reilly, Erraran died 24th Dec 1924 aged 44 years.
Also Mary daughter of George and Elizabeth who died in infancy 1938.

In loving memory of Oliver Plunkett, Airmount House died 17th Jan 2005 aged 68 years
And J.P. Plunkett, Erraran died 26th Dec 2005 aged 70 years
(Both interred in St. Mogue’s Cemetery, Bawnboy)
Beloved sons of George and Elizabeth Plunkett.
Rest in Peace.

BAXTER : In loving memory of Thomas Baxter, Owengallis died 4th July 1953 aged 19 years.
His father Patrick died 1976.
His mother Bridget died 1980.

KELLEGHER: In loving memory of John Kellegher, Owengallis died 13rd September 1945.
Always remembered by his daughter Maggie.

CURRAN: Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the souls of Peter Curran, Corratillion, Corlough died 12th January 1965
His wife Kate (nee McHugh) died 28th Feb 1960
Their son Pat died 31st March 1972.
Always remembered by their loving family.

PINKMAN: In loving memory of the Pinkman Family, Kilsob, Bawnboy.

SMITH: In loving memory of the Smith Family, Teeboy and Kildallon.
Rest in Peace.

McGOVERN: Pray for the soul repose of the soul of Catherine McGovern, Kildoagh died 10th June 1925.
And her husband John died 18th March 1951.
Rest in Peace.

BRADY: In loving memory of Bernard Brady, Meenaghan.
His wife Margaret.
His brother Peter,
And all deceased members of the Brady Family interred here.
Rest in Peace.

REILLY: In loving memory of Bernard Reilly, Tiernawanagh died 4th Dec 1947 aged 75 years.
His wife Catherine died 3rd Dec 1958 aged 84 years.
His parents Patrick and Margaret.
Also Philip Reilly died 24th Nov 1953.

O’REILLY: In loving memory of Francis O’Reilly, Ballinamaddoo, Bawnboy died 8th Dec 1954 aged 62 years.
His wife Kate died 22nd Feb 1976 aged 67 years.
Rest in Peace.
Always remembered by their daughter Kathleen.

McHUGH: In loving memory of James McHugh died 18th Aug 1943.
His wife Ellen (nee Freehill) died 6th June 1950.
And all deceased members of the family.

DOLAN: In loving memory of Thomas Dolan, Lakefield died 13th Dec 1937
His wife Elizabeth died 6th Aug 1976.

McGOLDRICK: In loving memory of James McGoldrick, Gortnacorriga died Dec. 1922
His wife Mary died Nov 1962.
Their son Patrick J. died Oct 1913.
Also deceased members of the family.

MAGEE: In loving memory of Pat Magee, Drumlogher, Bawnboy died 14 April 1947 aged 77 years.
His wife Susan died 21 Nov 1955 aged 57 yrs.
Their son Frank died 1 Sept 1991 aged 68 yrs.

DOLAN: In loving memory of Patrick Dolan, Mullaghmore (Roscoo) died 16th Oct 1946 aged 88 years.
His wife Susan died 11th April 1914 aged 57 years.
Their sons James died 7th May 1946 aged 53 yrs.
Peter interred in Scotland.
And Patrick’s wife Margaret died 4th Aug 1953 aged 83 yrs.


PRIOR: Mullaghmore: In loving memory of John Prior died 12th March 1934 aged 77 years.
His wife Catherine died 24th Nov 1949 aged 82 years.
Their daughter Rose Ann died 10th May 1904 aged 3 years.
Their sons Hugh died 3rd Sept 1915 aged 22 years.
James F. died 20th June 1924 aged 16 years.
John died 18th Dec 1973 aged 75 years.
Interred on this island.
Also John’s wife Elizabeth died 18th Dec 1985 aged 78 years.
And their son John Patrick died 22 Oct 1994 aged 51 years.
Interred in St. Mogue’s Cemetery, Bawnboy.
May they rest in peace.

KELLEGHER: God be merciful to the soul of Mary Kellegher who departed this life March 20th 1792 aged 72 years.
Also her son Charles Kellegher … … … … … (illegible)

BAXTER: Pray for the soul of Pat Baxter of Kildoagh who died Nov 19th 1795 aged 32 yrs … … … … … (illegible)

DOLAN: In loving memory of Andrew Dolan, Corrasmongan died 24th Feb 1924.
His wife Margaret died 13th Aug 1952.

HEAVEY: In memory of Patrick Heavey, Tiernawana died 2nd May 1947.
His wife Margaret died 21st April 1959.
Erected by his family.

McKIERNAN: Have mercy on the soul of Mary McKiernan who died 23 Dec 1936 aged 53 years.
Her husband Owen died 13th March 1952 aged 89 years.

McTEIGUE: Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Francis McTeigue, Bellaleenan.
His wife Elizabeth.
Their son Peter (Garda Síochána) and Francis.
Erected by their family.

McTEAGUE: In loving memory of Farrell McTeague, Bellaleenan died Aug 1932.
His wife Rose died 1911.
Their son Farrell died Nov 1961.
And daughter Mary Anne died April 1966.

Thanks to Sandra Foley for her help in the recording

© List compiled by Richard Morgan 2010, Coras Point, Cavan & formerly of Bawnboy. 

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