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Burials in Templeport

Catholic Burials in Templeport
Church of Ireland Burials
1827 - 1898
1915 - 1977
Burial information is currently only available from the headstones at St Peter's Church.  Information may be found on the St Peter's Church, Templeport web site at:
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St Mogue's Island, Burials 1936 - 2008
Catholic Burials in Templeport 1827 - 1898
Catholic Burials in Templeport 1915 - 1977
These lists have been copied from the Register of Burials in the Old Catholic Parish of Templeport for the years 1827 - 1898. Until 1877 Templeport Parish also included the townlands of the present parish of Corlough.
Alternative surnames are suggested where more than one form of the name is sometimes used.  Every effort has been made to copy the entries accurately, but no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions.

These lists are taken from the Register of Burials in the Catholic Parish of Templeport for the years 1915-1977 and from the Register of Burials on St. Mogue's Island 1936-2008. Over the years entries were made in different formats, hence the variations. On occasions the funeral service took place in one of the parish churches, but the burial was in a cemetery outside the parish. The three cemeteries used in Templeport Parish during this period were Kilnavart, St. Mogue's Island (also called Inch Island) and St. Peter's Church Templeport. A new cemetery at St. Mogue's Church, Bawnboy came into use in 1979.

Thanks are due to Very Rev.Tom McKiernan P.P. Templeport for permission to copy the Interments Register and for making the information available on line. We are also grateful to Cavan County Council for allowing transcript of their St. Mogue's Island Burial Register.
Every effort has been made to transcribe the entries accurately, and responsibility cannot be accepted for errors or omissions.
The documents ware transcribed by Richard Morgan, Cavan & formerly of Bawnboy.

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