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Corpus-Christie Procession about 1960


Corpus Christie Procession 1960s
Left hand side
Right hand side
Guard saluting: Garda Billie O'Neill
Immiadiatly below Tommy Mullally
In front of Tommy Mullally is Phil Bannon (Clerk of workhouse)
In front again Frank Duffy (Port)
In front again is James McGovern (Walkish)
Tall man kneeling Chriss Maguire.

Near Right hand side in red coat with white hat: Ann Mitchell nee Farrell Lisanover.

Near right hand side in yellow coat: Mrs O'Donnell
Child beside her in white with hat Daughter Maureen

Further to left Lady in dark suit with unbrella: Mrs Maguire NT (Wife of T.Chris Maguire.

Many thanks to Emmett Mullally who made this and other photographs available to us.
This photo has purposely been left large to make it easier to identify people.
If you can identify anyone else please let me know.
The house in the photograph is the presbytery which was later knocked and replaced.

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