Holy Trinity Barn Church Kildoagh

Needs your help! Please!


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Holy Trinity, Barn Church, Kildoagh
needs your help!

Holy Trinity, Barn Church

It is rapidly deteriorating through lack of simple and relatively cheap maintenance. A small amount of money spent now repairing the roof, boarding up the windows properly and protecting it from further vandalism would be a stitch in time and may save a lot more than nine!

What can we do now?

We can spend a few hours replacing the broken slates and board up the windows properly.
The park in front of the church has recently become a place for hay, straw and silage lorries to be unloaded as well as the tipping of loads of gravel and stones. Only a short time ago a road sweeper tipped its surface dressing sweepings in front of the church.
It would only take someone’s foot to slip off a clutch while loading gravel to demolish a wall. A fence two or three metres in front of the building could be a reasonable and inexpensive protection against such a disastrous event
Don’t leave it any longer, decide to do something about this important building and DO IT!

Holy Trinity Church was built in 1797 by the instruction of Dr. Denis Maguire (also known as Dennis or Dionysius Maguire) who was Bishop of Kilmore between 1770 and 1798. He was a local man having been born in Killesher, Co. Fermanagh in 1721.
As well as Kildoagh Dr Maguire was responsible for the building of a number of other Churches in the Kilmore Diocese including Tullaghan (Kinlough), Inishmagrath, Laragh, Kilmainhamwood, Cavan, Knocktemple (Castlerahan), Ballyconnell, Bunnoe, Tierworker, Kildallan, Killeshandra, Ballinagh, Killoughter, Glenade, Kilargue, Corronea, & Derrylin.


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