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Griffith’s Valuation Templeport 1857

Griffith’s Valuation for Templeport Parish 1857

What is Griffith's Valuation?
Griffith's Valuation was the first land valuation in Ireland and it lists every landholder and householder for every county in Ireland in the mid 1800s.Templeport Parish was surveyed in 1857.

Why is it important?
Griffith's Valuation is important because there are very few census or other records available for 19th century Ireland. So for anyone who wants to trace their great, great grandparents and find out where they lived, it may be the best source of information available. Only the householder is listed, not the other family members.

The most common family names in Templeport Parish in 1857 (in descending order) were:
McGovern, Kiernan/McKiernan, Reilly, Brady, Donohoe, Dolan, Bannan, Baxter, Smith, Finlay, Johnston, Maguire, Kells, Plunkett, Kelliher, McManus, McDermott, McCaffrey, Murray, Rourke, McTaggert, Shannan, Farrelly, Fee, Flanagan, Magee, McIntyre, McGolrick.

Griffith's Valuation (1857) at a glance for the present-day Parish of Templeport is to be found in list form below.

Surname First Name Townland
Armstrong Thomas Killycrin
Bannan Bridget Boley
Bannan Francis Coologe
Bannan Hugh Boley
Bannan Hugh Coologe
Bannan James Coologe
Bannan John Coologe
Bannan John Kilsob
Bannan Mark Derrycassan
Bannan Michael Coologe
Bannan Michael Kilsob
Bannan Patrick Coologe
Bannan Patrick Kilsob
Bannan Sarah Coologe
Bannan Thomas Killycluggin
Bannon Hugh Owengallees
Bannon James Toberlyan
Bannon John Bawnboy
Bannon Manus Toberlyan
Bannon Terence Toberlyan
Barnes Thomas Killycrin
Barrett James Killymoriarty
Barrett Thomas Gortaclogher
Barrett Thomas Jr. Gortaclogher
Barrett Thomas Sr. Gortaclogher
Baxter Bernard Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Charles Corneen
Baxter Cormack Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Denis Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Elizabeth Corneen
Baxter Farrell Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Hugh Derrycassan
Baxter Hugh Killycrin
Baxter John Drumlougher
Baxter Owen Corneen
Baxter Patk. Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Patrick Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Patrick Kildoagh
Baxter Terence Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Thomas Boley
Baxter Thomas Clontycarnaghan
Baxter Thomas Drumlougher
Baxter Thomas Kildoagh
Baxter Thomas Owengallees
Beatty Emma Bawnboy
Beatty Rep. James Kilsob
Beatty Rep. James Lakefield
Beatty Rep. James Newtown
Beatty Rev. Wm. Mullaghmore
Benison John W. Kilsob
Benison John W. Mullaghmore
Benison John Wm. Mullaghmore
Bennett John Corran
Beresford Lord John G. Clontycarnaghan
Bessett Henry Lecharrownahone
Blashford William Corran
Blashford William Killycluggin
Blashford William Rosehill
Blashford William Tonyrevan
Bolton Rev. Lynden Burren
Braden Barbara Kilnavert
Brady Anne Cavanaquill
Brady Anne Lecharrownahone
Brady Bernard Brackley
Brady Bernard Clontycarnaghan
Brady Bernard Gortnavreeghan
Brady Charles Crossmakelagher
Brady Daniel Lecharrownahone
Brady Hugh Brackley
Brady Hugh Burren
Brady Hugh Port
Brady James Bofealan
Brady James Brackley
Brady James Cavanaquill
Brady Jenny Muinaghan
Brady John Clontycarnaghan
Brady John Keenagh
Brady John Killywillin
Brady Owen Kilsallagh
Brady Owen Port
Brady Patrick Brackley
Brady Patrick Killycluggin
Brady Patrick Kilsob
Brady Patrick Muinaghan
Brady Patrick Port
Brady Patrick Tonyrevan
Brady Peter Muinaghan
Brady Philip Burren
Brady Susan Brackley
Breadon Thomas Derrycassan
Brennan Margaret Gortaclogher
Brooks George Killyneary
Brooks Jane Ballymagauran
Brooks John Killyran
Broxton John Derryvahan
Burke Miles Derrycassan
Burnes Thomas Kilsob
Carroll Owen Carrick East
Carson William Moherreagh
Carthy Marks Bawnboy
Carthy Patrick Kilsob
Cassidy Bernard Brackley
Cassidy James Ballynamaddoo
Cassidy Michael Brackley
Cassidy Michael Owengallees
Cassidy Patrick Brackley
Coffey James Bawnboy
Coffey James Corrasmongan
Connell Patrick Killycluggin
Connolly Rev. Richd. Cor
Connolly Thomas Cor
Cosgrave Bernard Camagh
Cosgrave Peter Camagh
Crawford Arthur Boley
Crawford Arthur Gortaclogher
Crawford Arthur Killyran
Cross John Erraran
Cross John Mullaghlea
Curran Edward Crossmakelagher
Curry Patrick Muinaghan
Davis Edward Sruhagh
Davis John Munlough South
Delace James Keenagh
Delace James Kilsallagh
Devan John Derrymony
Devan Patrick Derrymony
Devan Richard Derrymony
Devine Bridget Derrymony
Dobbin Leonard Corneen
Dobbin Leonard Munlough North
Dolan Catherine Gowlagh South
Dolan Dominick Erraran
Dolan Felix Cloncurkney
Dolan Felix Corboy Glebe
Dolan Francis Kilsob
Dolan Francis Mullaghmore
Dolan James Cloncurkney
Dolan James Corboy Glebe
Dolan James Drumlougher
Dolan James Lakefield
Dolan James Mullaghmore
Dolan James Owengallees
Dolan James Jr. Drumlougher
Dolan James Sr. Drumlougher
Dolan Mary Cloncurkney
Dolan Michael Cornagunleog
Dolan Michael Drumlougher
Dolan Michael Owengallees
Dolan Michael Stranadarragh
Dolan Michael Sr. Drumlougher
Dolan Thomas Bawnboy
Donohoe Bernard Derrymony
Donohoe Bernard Keenagh
Donohoe Charles Killycrin
Donohoe Ellen Derryragh
Donohoe Francis Ballymagauran
Donohoe Francis Burren
Donohoe Francis Derryragh
Donohoe Francis Gorteen
Donohoe Hugh Derrycassan
Donohoe Hugh Drumane
Donohoe Hugh Gorteen
Donohoe James Owengallees
Donohoe John Jr. Derrycassan
Donohoe John Sr. Derrycassan
Donohoe Mary Derryragh
Donohoe Patrick Ballymagauran
Donohoe Patrick Clontycarnaghan
Donohoe Patrick Derrycassan
Donohoe Patrick Derrymony
Donohoe Patrick Derryragh
Donohoe Patrick Killywillin
Donohoe Peter Brackley
Donohoe Thomas Kilnavert
Donohoe William Gorteen
Donohy James Owengallees
Donohy Michael Owengallees
Doonan Patrick Corneen
Doonan Patrick Munlough North
Dowlar Francis Brackley
Dowler Anne Brackley
Downes William Corboy Glebe
Downey Anne Lissanover
Downey John Killyran
Downey Robert Killyran
Drum Matthew Killywillin
Edwards Michael Drumlougher
Fahey Anne Moherloob
Fannin Mary Bellaleenan
Fannin Patrick Bellaleenan
Farley Terence Corrasmongan
Farrell John Brackley
Farrelly Bernard Kilsob
Farrelly James Port
Farrelly John Port
Farrelly Owen Bawnboy
Farrelly Owen Killyneary
Farrelly Thomas Burren
Fee Alexander Killyran
Fee Alice Boley
Fee Arthur Killyran
Fee James Muinaghan
Fee Thomas Muinaghan
Fee William Boley
Fee William Killyran
Fife Launcelot Corrasmongan
Finlay David Bawnboy
Finlay David Brackley
Finlay David Carrick East
Finlay David Lakefield
Finlay David Mullaghmore
Finlay Francis Camagh
Finlay Francis Cor
Finlay Francis Gorteen
Finlay Francis Keenagh
Finlay George Cor
Finlay George Port
Finlay John Brackley
Finlay John Ray
Finlay Launcelot Ballymagauran
Finlay Sir Thomas Killywaum
Finlay Thomas Ballymagauran
Finlay William Ballymagauran
Finnegan Mary Killymoriarty
Finnegan Michael Killymoriarty
Fitzpatrick Bridget Gortnavreeghan
Fitzpatrick Hugh Coologe
Fitzpatrick John Lecharrownahone
Fitzpatrick Michael Killyran
Fitzpatrick Rev. ??? Cloncurkney
Flanagan Bernard Ballynamaddoo
Flanagan Christopher Ballynamaddoo
Flanagan Richard Gortnavreeghan
Flanagan Thomas Ballynamaddoo
Flanigan Bernard Killycrin
Flanigan Michael Keenagh
Flanigan William Killycrin
Flynn John Burren
Flynn Nicholas Boley
Flynn Patrick Boley
Flynn Patrick Cornagunleog
Flynn Patrick Killywillin
Flynn Thomas Burren
Foghlan Thomas Cornagunleog
Fox Charles Gowlagh South
Fyfe Launcelot Kilsob
Fyfe William Killycluggin
Fyfe William Toberlyan Duffin
Gaddis Henry Gortullaghan
Gaddis Jane Gortullaghan
Gaddis William Mullaghlea
Gallagher Mary Derrycassan
Gallaher Francis Ballymagauran
Gallon James Burren
Geraghty Bryan Killywaum
Gibson Alice Greagh
Gibson John Boley
Gibson Richard Boley
Gibson Richard Killyran
Gibson Thomas Boley
Gibson William Cloneary
Gilleese Patrick Burren
Gilronan John Derrymony
Gilronan Peter Derrymony
Gilroy Owen Bawnboy
Gilroy Owen Corrasmongan
Goodfellow Henry Gortnaleck
Goodwin Patrick Gortnavreeghan
Goold Arthur Killyneary
Goold William Corrasmongan
Goold William Kilsob
Gough Robert Killymoriarty
Grennan Patrick Porturlan
Grimes John Drumlougher
Harden Hugh Cloncurkney
Harkness Francis Sruhagh
Harren Hugh Drumlougher
Hassard J. H. Cloncurkney
Hassard Mary Bawnboy
Hassard R. Cloncurkney
Hassard Robert Killyneary
Hayes Thomas Killycluggin
Hayes Thomas Tonyrevan
Heavy Patrick Moherreagh
Heavy Peter Moherreagh
Henderson Catherine Ray
Henderson Richard Camagh
Huggins Blakeley Killyran
Huggins Blakely Boley
Jackson Patrick Ballymagauran
Jackson Patrick Derryragh
Johnston Alexander Ballymagirril
Johnston Capt. John Bawnboy
Johnston George Killywillin
Johnston James Corran
Johnston James Greagh
Johnston John Bawnboy
Johnston John Boley
Johnston John Brackley
Johnston John Killyran
Johnston John Killywillin
Johnston Ojhn Carrick East
Johnston Robert Gortullaghan
Johnston Robert Porturlan
Johnston Thomas Ballymagirril
Johnston Thomas Killywillin
Johnston William Sruhagh
Keleher Thomas Owengallees
Kelleher James Drumlaydan
Kelliher Anne Kildoagh
Kelliher James Bellaleenan
Kelliher James Kildoagh
Kelliher John Kilsallagh
Kelliher John Toberlyan Duffin
Kelliher Michael Brackley
Kelliher Patrick Gortnavreeghan
Kelliher Patrick Kilsallagh
Kelliher Patrick Munlough North
Kelliher Philip Corneen
Kells Hewitt Urhannagh
Kells James Lecharrownahone
Kells John Ballymagauran
Kells Joseph Killynaff
Kells Moses Killynaff
Kells Richard Bofealan
Kells Richard Cavanaquill
Kells Richard Killynaff
Kells Richard Urhannagh
Kells Robert Killynaff
Kells William Crossmakelagher
Kells William Killycluggin
Kells William Tonyrevan
Kelly Mary Drumane
Kiernan Bernard Killycluggin
Kiernan Francis Derryragh
Kiernan Mary Killycrin
Kiernan Mary Stranadarragh
Kiernan Peter Killywillin
Kiernan Thomas Ballynamaddoo
Kilbride James Newtown
King Hugh Bellaleenan
King John Gortullaghan
King John Kilsob
King John Moherloob
Kinsella Patrick Port
Lardner Daniel Kildoagh
Lawder James Gortnaleck
Lawrence Thomas Crossmakelagher
Logan Francis Derrycassan
Lowry George Mullaghlea
Lucas John Porturlan
Lynch Hugh Ballymagauran
Lynch Hugh Kildoagh
Lynch Hugh Killywillin
Lynch Thomas Crossmakelagher
Lynch Thomas Gowlagh North
Lynch Thomas Killycluggin
Macaran John Derryragh
Macarn John Keenagh
Macarn John Kilsallagh
Macarn Patrick Kilsallagh
Macarn Thomas Kilsallagh
Magee Henry Boley
Magee Henry Gortaclogher
Magee John Drumlougher
Magee John Gortaclogher
Magee John Killyran
Magee Thomas Gortaclogher
Magee William Ballymagirril
Mageerty Bryan Drumane
Mageerty James Drumane
Mageerty John Lecharrownahone
Mageerty Patrick Drumane
Mageerty Patrick Lecharrownahone
Magharan John Mullaghlea
Maguire Bernard Kilsob
Maguire Hugh Kilsob
Maguire Hugh Newtown
Maguire John Cornagunleog
Maguire John Kilsob
Maguire Mary Keenagh
Maguire Nathaniel Drumlaydan
Maguire Patk. Derrylahan
Maguire Patrick Corran
Maguire Patrick Gortnavreeghan
Maguire Peter Burren
Mailiff William Killynaff
Malaey James Derrycassan
Malavy James Derrycassan
Malavy Patrick Derrycassan
Maliff Edward Bofealan
Martin Francis Muinaghan
Martin James Muinaghan
Martin John Muinaghan
Martin William Keenagh
Martin William Port
Masterson Edward Corran
Maxwell Patrick Stranadarragh
Mc Adams Terence Kilsob
Mc Avenue Philip Derrycassan
Mc Brien Charles Cloncurkney
Mc Brien Daniel Gowlagh South
Mc Brien Hugh Gowlagh South
Mc Brien John Gowlagh South
Mc Cabe Lackey Ballymagirril
Mc Caffrey Christopher Brackley
Mc Caffrey Christr. Brackley
Mc Caffrey James Gortullaghan
Mc Caffrey John Cloncurkney
Mc Caffrey John Gortullaghan
Mc Caffrey John Gowlagh South
Mc Caffrey Michael Derrycassan
Mc Caffrey Nathaniel Carrick East
Mc Caffrey Thomas Bawnboy
Mc Cann Patrick Kilnavert
Mc Canty James Derrylahan
Mc Carton Philip Toberlyan Duffin
Mc Caul James Burren
Mc Caul William Killyran
Mc Cauley Thomas Corran
Mc Cawley Patrick Derrycassan
Mc Clusky Anne Kildoagh
Mc Connell Alexander Burren
Mc Connell Denis Coologe
Mc Connell Elizabeth Derrycassan
Mc Connell John Coologe
Mc Connell Robert Kildoagh
Mc Dermot Ellen Ballymagauran
Mc Dermot Francis Sr. Gorteen
Mc Dermot Fras. Jr. Gorteen
Mc Dermot James Moherreagh
Mc Dermot John Ballymagauran
Mc Dermot Mary Gorteen
Mc Dermot Owen Gorteen
Mc Dermott Johanna Drumane
Mc Dermott John Ballymagauran
Mc Dermott John Killywillin
Mc Dermott Thomas Derrycassan
Mc Eroe Patrick Cor
Mc Ginn Bernard Derrycassan
Mc Ginn Francis Derrycassan
Mc Ginn John Derrycassan
Mc Ginn Patrick Derrycassan
Mc Ginn Thomas Derrycassan
Mc Golrick Bridget Cloncurkney
Mc Golrick John Stranadarragh
Mc Golrick Patrick Cornagunleog
Mc Golrick Patrick Mullaghmore
Mc Golrick Peter Cloncurkney
Mc Gorlick Michael Moherloob
Mc Govern Anthony Corboy Glebe
Mc Govern Bernard Cloncurkney
Mc Govern Bernard Corrasmongan
Mc Govern Bernard Derrycassan
Mc Govern Bridget Ballymagauran
Mc Govern Brien Gortmore
Mc Govern Charles Bellaleenan
Mc Govern Charles Owengallees
Mc Govern Cornelius Owengallees
Mc Govern Francis Moherreagh
Mc Govern George Owengallees
Mc Govern Honoria Mullaghmore
Mc Govern Hororia Mullaghmore
Mc Govern Hugh Derrycassan
Mc Govern James Killywaum
Mc Govern James Moherreagh
Mc Govern John Ballynamaddoo
Mc Govern John Bellaleenan
Mc Govern John Crossmakelagher
Mc Govern John Killywaum
Mc Govern John Kilsob
Mc Govern John Mullaghlea
Mc Govern Margaret Gowlagh South
Mc Govern Margaret Kilsallagh
Mc Govern Michael Ballynamaddoo
Mc Govern Patrick Erraran
Mc Govern Patrick Kilsallagh
Mc Govern Patrick Moherreagh
Mc Govern Patrick Muinaghan
Mc Govern Patrick Owengallees
Mc Govern Patrick Jr. Gortmore
Mc Govern Patrick Sr. Gortmore
Mc Govern Peter Stranadarragh
Mc Govern Rev. Hugh Mullaghlea
Mc Govern Rev. Terence Kilsallagh
Mc Govern Thomas Derrymony
Mc Govern Thomas Killymoriarty
Mc Govern Thomas Kilsallagh
Mc Govern Thomas Stranadarragh
Mc Guire Hugh Derrycassan
Mc Guire Patrick Burren
Mc Guire Patrick Lecharrownahone
Mc Hugh Francis Greagh
Mc Hugh John Ballynamaddoo
Mc Hugh John Burren
Mc Hugh Mary Bawnboy
Mc Hugh Philip Burren
Mc Intyre Daniel Killycluggin
Mc Intyre James Corran
Mc Intyre John Toberlyan
Mc Intyre Patrick Corran
Mc Intyre Philip Corran
Mc Intyre Thomas Corran
Mc Intyre Thomas Kildoagh
Mc Keirnan Thomas Ballynamaddoo
Mc Kenna Andrew Killycrin
Mc Kenna Andrew Kilsallagh
Mc Kenna Bernard Burren
Mc Kenna Francis Killywaum
Mc Kenna Owen Killywaum
Mc Keon John Port
Mc Kiernan Bernard Killycluggin
Mc Kiernan Bernard Mullaghlea
Mc Kiernan Cornelius Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan Cornelius Killycrin
Mc Kiernan Daniel Corrasmongan
Mc Kiernan Fergus Muinaghan
Mc Kiernan Francis Killywaum
Mc Kiernan Francis Toberlyan
Mc Kiernan Hugh Burren
Mc Kiernan Hugh Killymoriarty
Mc Kiernan Hugh Jr. Killymoriarty
Mc Kiernan James Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan John Ballynamaddoo
Mc Kiernan John Gortmore
Mc Kiernan John Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan John Killycrin
Mc Kiernan John Toberlyan Duffin
Mc Kiernan Michael Cloneary
Mc Kiernan Michael Owengallees
Mc Kiernan Owen Ballynamaddoo
Mc Kiernan Owen Burren
Mc Kiernan Owen Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan Patrick Ballymagauran
Mc Kiernan Patrick Bellaleenan
Mc Kiernan Patrick Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan Patrick Killycrin
Mc Kiernan Peter Cloneary
Mc Kiernan Philip Kilsob
Mc Kiernan Rev. Owen Toberlyan Duffin
Mc Kiernan Susan Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan Thomas Gowlagh North
Mc Kiernan Thomas Killycrin
Mc Loughlin Michael Gowlagh South
Mc Manus Catherine Corran
Mc Manus Felix Boley
Mc Manus Felix Gortaclogher
Mc Manus Henry Boley
Mc Manus Hugh Moherloob
Mc Manus James Gortullaghan
Mc Manus Mary Moherloob
Mc Manus Michael Cloncurkney
Mc Manus Michael Kildoagh
Mc Manus Philip Derrymony
Mc Manus Terence Kildoagh
Mc Manus Thomas Owengallees
Mc Shanahy Jas. Stranadarragh
Mc Sorley Michael Brackley
Mc Sweeny Patrick Burren
Mc Tagart Hugh Derrycassan
Mc Tagart Mary Derrycassan
Mc Taggert John Kilnavert
Mc Taggert Owen Killywillin
Mc Taggert Philip Kilnavert
Mc Taggert William Gortnaleck
Mc Taggert William Kilnavert
Mc Teague Francis Bawnboy
Mc Teague Owen Bellaleenan
Mc Teague Patrick Bellaleenan
Mc Teague Patrick Mullaghmore
Mc Teague Peter Clontycarnaghan
Mc Teague Peter Kilsob
Miles Bernard Drumlougher
Miles John Cor
Miles Thomas Cor
Miles Thomas Drumlougher
Moffatt Mary Derrycassan
Moore Edward Stranadarragh
Moore Robert Muinaghan
Morrow Michael Kildoagh
Muldoon Thomas Brackley
Mullavy Daniel Burren
Mullavy David Burren
Mullavy Isabella Burren
Mullavy Owen Burren
Mullavy Patrick Burren
Mullens Bridget Killycrin
Mulligan Thomas Burren
Mulvey Thomas Cornagunleog
Murphy John Bawnboy
Murphy Owen Moherreagh
Murphy Owen Mullaghlea
Murphy Thomas Killyneary
Murray Francis Gortullaghan
Murray Francis Kilnavert
Murray John Moherreagh
Murray Patrick Kilnavert
Murray Patrick Lissanover
Murray Patrick Port
Murray Patrick Urhannagh
Murray William Cavanaquill
Murray William Kilsallagh
Myles Edward Stranadarragh
Netterfield Isaac Lecharrownahone
Netterfield James Lecharrownahone
Netterfield Mosas Lecharrownahone
Netterfield Moses Crossmakelagher
Nixon Thomas Greagh
O'Brien James Cloncurkney
O'Brien James Gowlagh South
O'Brien John Coologe
O'Donnell James Lecharrownahone
O'Donnell John Lecharrownahone
O'Donnell Margaret Lecharrownahone
O'Hara Richard Gortnavreeghan
O'Hara William Bellaleenan
Plunkett Catherine Newtown
Plunkett George Keenagh
Plunkett James Bawnboy
Plunkett James Kilsob
Plunkett John Bawnboy
Plunkett John Corrasmongan
Plunkett John Killywaum
Plunkett John Kilsob
Plunkett John Munlough South
Plunkett Mary Keenagh
Plunkett Mary Kilsallagh
Plunkett Thomas Bawnboy
Plunkett Thomas Kilsob
Powell Margaret Munlough North
Powell Robert Munlough North
Prior Denis Ballymagauran
Prior John Ballymagauran
Prior John Derrycassan
Prior Patrick Burren
Prior Thomas Derrycassan
Rainbird John Newtown
Reilly Andrew Toberlyan Duffin
Reilly Anne Ballymagauran
Reilly Anne Gortaclogher
Reilly Anne Gortnavreeghan
Reilly Edward Kildoagh
Reilly Elizabeth Kilnavert
Reilly Francis Clontycarnaghan
Reilly Francis Derryragh
Reilly Hugh Bawnboy
Reilly James Corrasmongan
Reilly James Crossmakelagher
Reilly James Owengallees
Reilly James Toberlyan
Reilly James Toberlyan Duffin
Reilly John Ballynamaddoo
Reilly John Bawnboy
Reilly John Boley
Reilly John Gortaclogher
Reilly John Gortnavreeghan
Reilly John Killywaum
Reilly John Moherreagh
Reilly John Munlough North
Reilly Margaret Lecharrownahone
Reilly Margaret Toberlyan
Reilly Michael Clontycarnaghan
Reilly Michael Corneen
Reilly Michael Kilsallagh
Reilly Michael Munlough North
Reilly Patrick Clontycarnaghan
Reilly Patrick Corneen
Reilly Patrick Munlough North
Reilly Patrick Jr. Corneen
Reilly Terence Lecharrownahone
Reilly William Clontycarnaghan
Reynolds James Erraran
Reynolds William Ballymagauran
Rochfort John D. Bawnboy
Rochfort John D. Corrasmongan
Rochfort John D. Killyneary
Rooney Matthew Gortaclogher
Rorke Andrew Kilnavert
Rorke Edward Bawnboy
Rorke Felix Corran
Rorke Felix Killycluggin
Rorke Hugh Ballynamaddoo
Ross Thomas Corran
Rourke Daniel Derrycassan
Rourke John Gortnavreeghan
Rourke John Kilsallagh
Rourke Miles Derrycassan
Roycraft Robert Lissanover
Roycroft Robert Tonyhallagh
Rudden Charles Owengallees
Rudden Edward Drumlougher
Rudden Edward Owengallees
Rutledge Forster Ballymagirril
Scarlett James Gortaclogher
Scarlett Launcelot Ray
Shannan James Killycrin
Shannan Michael Killycrin
Shannan Philip Killycrin
Shannan Thomas Gortnavreeghan
Shannon Daniel Cavanaquill
Sheanan John Gortaclogher
Sheanan Robert Ballymagauran
Sheanan Robert Killywillin
Slack Arthur R. Ballymagirril
Slack Arthur R. Cornagunleog
Slack Arthur R. Stranadarragh
Slack Thomas Ballymagauran
Slack Thomas Gortaclogher
Slack Thomas Killywillin
Slevin Francis Cloncurkney
Slevin Francis Gowlagh South
Smith Bernard Killywillin
Smith Catherine Stranadarragh
Smith Francis Killycrin
Smith Francis Toberlyan Duffin
Smith Hugh Boley
Smith James Derryragh
Smith James Sruhagh
Smith James Toberlyan Duffin
Smith John Burren
Smith John Derrycassan
Smith John Sruhagh
Smith Owen Boley
Smith Owen Cornagunleog
Smith Owen Greagh
Smith Patrick Burren
Smith Patrick Killycrin
Smith Peter Coologe
Smith Rev. Patrick Muinaghan
Smith Robert Sruhagh
Spotten James Cornagunleog
Spotten James Greagh
Spotton James Ballymagauran
Spotton James Ballymagirril
Stewart William Killyran
Stringer Bridget Bawnboy
Swan Margaret Mullaghmore
Tagart Francis Crossmakelagher
Taylor John Killyran
Taylor Rev. John Corboy Glebe
Taylor Thomas Drumane
Taylor Thomas Lecharrownahone
Taylor William Killyran
Timmins John Ballymagauran
Toher Farrell Gortaclogher
Toher John Gortaclogher
Tugman John Porturlan
Tugman Thomas Carrick East
Tugman Thomas Ray
Veitch Daniel Drumane
Wallace Solomon Moherreagh
Ward Patrick Kilsob
Widdis John Killyran
Wilcocks Henry Port
Wilcocks Henry Toberlyan
Wilcocks Henry Toberlyan Duffin
Wilcocks William Ballymagauran
Wilcocks William Killywillin

For a more detailed version and to see the original copy and maps visit the excellent site:

Templeport was in the Bawnboy Union and is in the barony of Tullyhaw, county of Cavan.

To help you interpret the information in Griffith’s Valuation you might find it useful to read the article to be found at:

Information supplied by Richard Morgan, Coras Point, Cavan & formerly of Bawnboy Home Page

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