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Hearth Money Rolls Templeport Parish 1662

The Hearth Money Rolls (1662) for Templeport Parish

The Hearth Money Tax was begun in 1662. It was a new tax of 2 shillings yearly on every hearth or fireplace in a house.

The Hearth Money Rolls are lists of persons paying the Hearth Tax.

They do not, of course, include all householders since the very poor were exempt from the Tax and others, no doubt, by their ingenuity escaped the attention of the “Smoke Man” as the collector was called in Ireland.   Many people preferred to live without a fireplace than pay the tax.

So the Hearth Money Rolls are a very incomplete survey of householders. However they may indicate the presence in Templeport townlands of family names that may survive until the present.

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Thanks to Tom Sullivan, Cavan County Library for his help.
© List compiled by Richard Morgan 2008, Coras Point, Cavan & formerly of Bawnboy. 

Hearth Money Rolls Templeport Parish 1662


Family Name

Given Name

Ballymagauran Forman John
Ballymagirril Mungomery William
Bawnboy Lawther Esq. William
Bawnboy Murphy Stephen
Bawnboy Atcheson Patricke
Bellaleenan McKelagher Phelemy
Brackley McBrien Hugh
Brackley McBrien Phelemy
Brackley McBrien Farrall
Burren ? O Relly Tirlagh
Camagh Horne John
Camagh Rice Robert
Camagh McCorister Donagh
Camagh Sinkler Margaret widow
Carrick East Morry Richard
Carrick East Morry William
Carrick East Cooper John
Cavanaquill Magawran Thomas
Cavanaquill Graham John
Cavanaquill McKelagher Tirlagh
Cavanaquill O Helicke Edmond
Cavanaquill McGawran Hugh
Cloncurkney O Loghan Patricke
Cloncurkney O Loghan Shane
Cloncurkney McManus Donogh
Clontycarnaghan Mathers William
Clontycarnaghan Rice Walter
Coologe Ny Conell Nola
Coologe O Doan Neale
Corboy Magochan Thomas
Corr McMahon Rosse
Corr Lowther Andrew
Corr McRodan Phelemy
Corr McEvina Shane
Corran Reade Thomas
Corran Magragh Brian
Crossmakellagher McKelacher Cormucke
Crossmakellagher McKelacher Patricke
Derrycassan Meeke James
Derrycassan Turner Robert
Derrycassan O Killyn Shane
Drumane O Relly Phillip
Drumane O Relly Patricke
Drumane McKernan Edmond
Drumlayden McGowan Feragh
Gortaclogher O Dolan Castara
Gortaclogher McEtire Thomas
Gortmore O Logan Mahon
Gortnaleck ? McFadin Hugh
Kildoagh Pratt Richard
Killycluggin Don Dorby
Killycluggin Reade John
Killycluggin Teddy Thomas
Killycrin McGowen Patricke
Killycrin McGowen Murtagh
Killycrin McGowen Cahell
Killycrin McIlronan Owen
Killycrin McCurran Farrall
Killycrin McCurran James
Killymoriarty Davies John
Killynaff McKernan Brian
Killynaff McKernan Teige
Killynaff McFely Neale
Killyran ? Bride John
Killyran ? Grige Robert
Killywillin McCoy Hugh
Kilsob Brench Mr. John
Lecharrownahone O Relly Brian
Lecharrownahone O Clery Teige
Lecharrownahone McMurphy William
Lecharrownahone McMurphy Owen
Lissanover Blatcheford John
Lissanover Rottenberry Peter
Lissanover Towse (?) William
Moherreagh Magowran Ternan
Mullaghlea McBrien Farrell
Mullaghlea McEtire Neale
Mullaghlea McGawran Thomas
Mullaghlea McKelaghcher Ternan
Munlough McGawran Cahir
Owengallees McEdegany Cormucke
Owengallees Magawran Daniell
Owengallees McEdegany Donell
Ray Or Roy Chambers William
Ray Or Roy McBrine Hugh
Sruhagh ? O Multully Hugh Oge
Sruhagh ? Relly Hugh
Toberlyan Duffin Smith William
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